Flexirap™ Silage Film Tested & Proven !

  • Excellent Puncture Resistance

This is very strong and tough film with very high tear and puncture resistance that can easily handle tough bale handling. It is UV stabilized for 6 / 12 / 18 months therefore you can store the bales outdoors easily.  

  • High cling for excellent bonding

The cling gives excellent bonding effect between the layers, and a sealed protection from water and oxygen intrution. This is important to maintain high energy and nutrition value during storage. 

  • Tested & Reliable

Silage Film is developed and engineered for excellent reliability in the bale wrapping which gives high protection to the wrapped bales.  

  • With consideration for the environment

It is produced from premium quality PE (poly ethylene) raw materials & is 100 % recyclable and is a perfect choice for the bale wrappers  

Flexirap™ Silage Film  







  • Silage film is an agricultural film used in farmland to protect Silage from photo degradation in situations where wrapped loads are stored outdoors.
  • Silage films maintain the nutritional value of forage plants such as corn, vegetables, and grasses that continue to respire after cutting.
  • silage film exclude the air so lactic acid fermentation can take place, leaving a feed rich in vitamins and carotene.
  • Developed to be used with all kind of bales and into all type of bale wrappers

Packaging: Individually boxed and stacked on wooden pallets 

25 micron

250 mm (10”) 500 mm (20”)

750 mm (25”)




6 months

12 months

18 months


  • Environmental friendly – 100% recyclable
  • Silage film is used, the feed can keep its nutrients for several months, depending on the amount of air left (the less air, the better). Thus, feed is available for use during periods when forage is not available in sufficient quantities
  • Optimal mechanical properties for stretching, resistance and reliability
  • Excellent adhesive strength to achieve an optimized silage fermentation
  • Stabilize the film and provide much longer storage life 




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