Flexi Wrap

Flexi Wrap is general purpose, hand grade stretch film. It gives you the flexibility to wrap your pallets when and where ever you need it. This hand film gives you very good optics, excellent puncture resistance and tack performance.
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Flexi Wrap Secure

Flexi Wrap Secure is a premium grade Machine Grade Stretch Film that can be stretched by up to 300% at 23µ, and we are constantly developing new films and pushing the boundaries further to make the film capable of achieving even better results.
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Speciality Films

Agricultural mulch film is a film used in the agricultural sector. This plastic film is placed under the root systems of plants, to facilitate crop cultivation.
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Flexi Shrink

Shrink Film, also known as shrink wrap, is a film made up of polymers such as LDPE. When heat is applied the film shrinks tightly over the product it is covering.
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Customer Service

We are committed to continuous improvement in our performance, and we seek smart and simple solutions to deliver on our customers’ needs.

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